Let's get serious

For those in needs of a third eye to curate the nitty gritty floor plan from the bones up. ‘Let’s get serious’ is the comprehensive Interior Design service that will steer a new build or home renovation including; kitchen, bathrooms, lighting plans and material schemes. Engaging client vision and industry experience to reign on design dreams.

What we love to do for you ⎯⎯

  • Design concept development
  • Kitchen, bathroom & laundry design
  • Specification of finishes and materials
    including flooring, stone, tiles, cabinetry
  • Selection of fixtures and fittings
  • Interior and external colour schemes
  • Documentation
  • Quoting from trusted builders and trades
  • Furniture plans and interior decorating
  • Design management including implementation and construction
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Easy on the eye

When you are bravely walking into a new period of design and are looking for an aesthetic shift, ‘Easy on the eye’ can renovate your space to whatever you want your next look to be. The simple rejuvenation of existing paintwork and carpet, interwoven with fresh furnishings and lighting can transform and enhance your style.

Watch us work so we can ⎯⎯

  • Define concept development
  • Design and documentation including custom furniture and upholstery
  • Specify all materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings
  • Showroom visits to preferred suppliers
  • Colour palette and mood board
  • Selection of furniture, artwork, soft furnishings, window treatments and accessories, sourced from a range of wholesale and retail suppliers
  • Scaled floorplan and layout
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Hold my hand

When you want to skip down the aisle of soft furnishings in record time with a material eye guru, ‘Hold my hand’ has just what you’re looking for. Time conservation and budget work seamlessly with elegant styling that reflect clients design dreams and ambitions.

This is a service for you. Book a 10 hour package or let’s work by the hour.

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Find out how Our Process works…

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