Our Process

Stage 01

Consultation & Design Proposal

Let’s meet and discuss your project! We will visit your home and get an understanding of your vision and how we can help you achieve your home dreams. We then prepare a detailed design proposal to present to you, this includes detailed fee estimates so there’s no surprises.

Stage 02

Concept Development & Site Review

We prepare and present high level concepts to convey the design ideas, colour palettes and materials. It is important to us that we deliver great results within your budget, at the same time working to exceed expectations through the design process. We meet on site to measure up and often bring relevant trades to discuss any challenges or considerations before we start the design work.

Stage 03

Design Development

This is where the design really starts to take shape. We work on defining the new floorplan and determine the practicals: kitchen layout, furniture plan, joinery design etc. From this point we can dress everything up with original design elements such as artwork, rugs, window treatments and accessories.

Stage 04


For the more comprehensive designs involving Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries and Joinery we prepare floor plans, elevations and 3D renders. Schedules are also formulated for fixtures and fittings, finishes and furniture packages. During this stage we work closely with builders and facilitate all engagement with external suppliers.

Stage 05

Tender & Estimation

We can assist you in finding the right builder or introduce you to our team of trades. We present the final quotes and pricing on everything including the kitchen sink. Once you approve we order any furniture, fixtures, fittings, artwork and accessories.

Stage 06

Design Management

The trades are on site and things are really happening! We carefully monitor the timeline and ensure that deliveries and installations take place. We ensure that you’re kept in the loop and any questions relating to the design are answered.

Stage 07

Final Check & Completion

The final stage is crucial in detail and communication. We work closely with trades people and our clients to make sure standards are impeccable and all work has been completed with warranties submitted. It is at this point where your design vision has become your reality, and that is when we celebrate.

Creating interior spaces that balance beauty and functionality.